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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - November 2016

Government at all levels functions best when citizens participate, and the most basic and important way to participate in our democracy is by voting. If you have watched television, tuned in on the radio, or opened a newspaper in the past 30 days, you are most likely aware that an election is fast approaching. Early voting is underway now until November 4th, and Election Day is November 8th... [More]

On Nov. 11, Texans will make their annual observance of Veterans Day, celebrating the courage, sacrifice, and duty of those who serve and fight to keep our nation free. Veterans will always be a priority for me—not just during the legislative session, but year-round... [More]

Following a staggering increase in the number of children who are considered to be in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse who are not being contacted by Child Protective Services in a timely manner due to high caseloads and unbearable turnover, Senator Uresti called for a special session of the legislature to tackle the issue... [More]

It seems that every year the holidays begin earlier and earlier, to the point where we often hear Christmas music before Thanksgiving. While we are all preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving, Senator Santa has begun his preparations for another swing through Senate District 19... [More]

The number of drilling rigs at work in Texas continued to rise in October with a count of 256 compared to 246 near the end of September, according to the October 28 weekly report from oil services firm Baker Hughes. Nationally, there were 557 rigs at work compared to 511 at the end of September... [More]

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