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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - May 2016

First, thank you to all of the volunteers, child advocates, and city and county leaders for helping spread the word about Child Abuse Awareness Month. We kicked off the month on April 1 with a highly-successful press conference on the steps of the Bexar County Courthouse, where all of the major news outlets in San Antonio covered our important message... [More]

Congratulations to Palo Alto College, which celebrated in late April 30 years of educating and engaging the Southside of San Antonio. As you may or may not know, Palo Alto College's roots began at the 1974 convention of Communities Organized for Public Service ... [More]

Congratulations to Boy Scouts of America Troop 10, based out of Harlandale United Methodist Church on South Flores Street, on turning 100. Troop 10 is the longest continually operating troop in America. My son Michael, my grandsons, and I — all of us Boy Scouts — celebrated this wonderful accomplishment at a ceremony at the VFW Post 76 downtown, which happens to turn 100 next year... [More]

May 9 is Willie Velasquez Day — in memory of the founder of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, and one of the most important civil rights activists of our time. In 2013, I sponsored a bill designating May 9 as Willie Velasquez Day, because I felt it was important to recognize the work Velasquez did to empower the Latino community... [More]

Invasive Carrizo Cane along the Rio Grande grows in thick patches along the water and is not a natural fixture of the river. In fact, Carrizo Cane is native to Europe and was brought to Texas by the Spanish many centuries ago. Since then, the cane has thrived in the delicate Rio Grande ecosystem, growing up to 4 inches a day and often standing over 20 feet tall. Eradicating the cane will be good for the Rio Grande and border communities... [More]

Inventories of crude oil continued to build in April but at a slower rate, causing optimism among traders and sending crude prices to their highest levels since November. Analysts said production declines and high demand for gasoline are expected to start putting a dent in U.S. supplies that in April hit their highest levels since 1929. But they said an improvement to the $45-a-barrel level is not enough to entice most producers to put idled rigs back to work... [More]

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