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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - April 2016

In San Antonio you know Fiesta is around the corner when April arrives but April also marks Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s a time to address a very serious issue to make a meaningful impact on children in our community. Click here to see a listing of events taking place to bring recognition to this important month... [More]

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and who’s-who of local leaders and advocates lined up to remind the public of its importance. The Blue Ribbon Task Force, a group of local community leaders, organizations and volunteers who advocate for children, offer parental support, and educate the public about the prevention of child abuse and neglect, hosted a press conference Friday to raise awareness and ask the community to get involved with this pressing issue... [More]

How many children in foster care have to be abused and retraumatized before the state finally realizes it has a problem? On March 9, a group of dedicated employees from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services stopped by my office to ask for help. They asked: Why is the state paying for an appeal of the Dec. 17 ruling by U.S. District Judge Janis Jack of Corpus Christi rather than paying to fix the problems raised during the court case?... [More]

When it comes to protecting our children from abuse and neglect, we have a real battle on our hands. Consider the latest data from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. From 2014 to 2015, cases of child abuse and neglect in San Antonio, the largest city in my district, was reduced by 500 — but the total remained at 7,498, or 12 percent of the statewide total... [More]

Crude oil prices remain in the doldrums, hovering around the $40 a barrel range. Production is gradually sinking as operators continue to idle drilling rigs. In fact, Baker Hughes in its weekly survey in late March reported that the number of rigs at work in the U.S. dropped to a record low of 464, far below its recent high less than two years ago of 1,931. Texas still has 46 percent of the rigs operating in the U.S. but the low price of oil continues to push rig counts lower... [More]

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