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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - September 2015

September first to many will feel like any other day. Sure, it could mean your monthly paycheck arrives, and it also signals that Labor Day is not far off. This year, change will be all around us here in Texas, as September first is when most of the legislation that passed during the recent legislative session becomes law... [More]

Every year, members of the legislature have the opportunity to nominate young men and women in college who plan to join the armed forces upon graduation with a small award in the form of a Texas Armed Services Scholarship... [More]

On Sept 1st, the Supreme Court of Texas will hear the opening arguments in a historic school finance lawsuit, which has pitted over 600 school districts against the Commissioner of Education and the Texas Attorney General. The Court's findings will likely impact property taxes for every homeowner in the state... [More]

This year my staff and I participated in over 10 Back to School events across District 19 and, as always, it was great to be back in district. I am happy we were able to provide so many of our children with an assortment of school supplies and backpacks in order to start the year off right... [More]

Revised figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows U.S. oil production sank by 100,000 barrels a month in June, accounting for the first drop since the oil shale boom started about 6 years ago. The agency is using a new approach to collecting production data... [More]

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