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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - June 2015

The Texas Legislature adjourned Sine Die on June 1st, the final day of the 140 day legislative session. Sine Die is the Latin phrase meaning “without day”, and in the tradition of the legislature means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”... [More]

While it may appear that it is too soon to be talking about back to school fairs, given that we are just now concluding the current school year, I did want to share that planning for the annual Senate District 19 Back to School Fairs are underway, and my office is actively seeking sponsors to help make this year’s event the best ever... [More]

June is a time for welcoming a summer break from school, hosting BBQ’s, and welcoming long days with family at the lake. June is also National Safety Month, and a time for us all to commit to ourselves, and each other, that we will not text while driving... [More]

As the 84th Legislature completes the state budget, one thing is apparent—San Antonio and District 19 have benefitted from having a voice on the Senate Finance committee... [More]

The U.S. drilling rig count dropped to 875 at the end of May, its lowest level since 2009. That’s down by 991 from a year earlier. The number of rigs at work in Texas continued its drop, too. The count at the end of May was 369, down from 894 a year earlier, according to Baker Hughes. Still, Texas has 44 percent of the nation’s rigs at work... [More]

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