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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - July 2014

While summer is in full swing, we’ve been blessed with not only milder (by Texas standards) temperatures, but also a bit of rain which is so desperately needed during this drought... [More]

It’s no surprise to anyone living in our metropolitan areas that a need for improving our transportation infrastructure exists. Texas is a fast growing state, and our growing pains are surfacing... [More]

Last year, we distributed nearly 10,000 backpacks throughout Senate District 19. This year we are on pace to do the same if not more... [More]

For those who are members of the Employees Retirement System and have questions, concerns, or just need to make changes to your programs, be sure to visit one of the Annual Enrollment Fairs... [More]

The boom in domestic oil and gas production is causing a surge in construction of coastal Texas factories to process the resources... [More]

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