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Sen. Uresti's E-Newsletter - April 2014

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and child advocates across the nation are gearing up to bring this issue to the forefront, and right here in Texas we are doing the same... [More]

There are a number of events taking place in April to increase awareness and encourage citizens to stay involved for Child Abuse Prevention Month... [More]
Scholarship Opportunities

• The Texas Association of Broadcasters is offering $21,000 in scholarships to students pursuing a career in broadcasting at Texas colleges or universities for the 2014-2015 scholastic year. Applications and more information on the scholarship are available here.
• The Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program is for the 2014-2015 school year. I am only able to nominate one person for this scholarship, so please check the requirements here to see if you qualify.

My staff and I are in the middle of moving our San Antonio District Office from its long time location on Southwest Military drive near Southpark Mall, to a new location on Brooks City-Base... [More]

Senate District 19 continues to be a hotbed for oil and gas exploration and production. Reeves County is the most active in the state with 50 rigs drilling new wells... [More]

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