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Panel addresses domestic violence

February 21, 2011

By Craig Kapitan/Express-News

San Antonio has come a long way in addressing domestic violence over past decades, but a recent spate of fatalities here is alarming, a panel of activists and legislators agreed Friday.

Senator Uresti's Response to the State of the State Address

February 8, 2011


Sen. Carlos Uresti issued the following statement on Gov. Perry's State of the State Address:


"I share the governor's vision for a thriving Texas Century, but the policies he outlined today won't get us there. The depth and breadth of the cost-cutting he endorses will hobble our efforts to excel and compete.

"Texas cannot continue to be a state of unlimited opportunities when education, child protection and fundamental health services are looked upon as 'sacred cows' and 'senseless obstacles' to economic growth."

In West Texas, a Town's Fate Tied to Its School

February 7, 2011

By Morgan Smith, The Texas Tribune

MARATHON — If you close the school, you close the town.

The phrase has the burnish of a truism in this outpost amid the vast, high-desert expanse of far West Texas, about 50 miles north of Big Bend National Park. The 400 or so residents here are closely watching the fate of their tiny public school — and working hard to keep it open.

BexarMet's woes are still festering

August 20, 2010

Express-News Editorial Board -

Compared to the recent past, the Bexar Metropolitan Water District has had a relatively quiet period since legislation that would have given voters the chance to dissolve the district died on the House floor.

But that is a mighty low bar, and the favorable comparison doesn't mean all is well.
The utility remains deeply troubled. It is so troubled that members of an oversight committee are once again pondering the utility's future as another legislative session approaches.

The BexarMet board is again being accused of micromanaging. In May — after six months on the job — General Manager Victor Mercado told the Express-News that board members pressured him to hire and fire certain people.

Korea anniversary: a reminder of America's commitment to freedom

June 24, 2010

Guest Commentary

by Sen. Carlos Uresti


As America closes in on a decade of war in Afghanistan and maintains a dangerous presence in Iraq, Friday marks the 60th anniversary of another great military challenge for our nation.

On June 25, 1950, troops from the Democratic Republic of North Korea poured across the 38th Parallel, beginning a bloody conflict that eventually drew in the United States and China.

Carlos I. Uresti: Dual-language programs benefit Texas

June 12, 2010

El Paso Times
by Sen. Carlos Uresti


The old saying about cooperation and problem-solving -- two heads are better than one -- continues to withstand the test of time.

That same idea is quickly becoming the foundation of another common wisdom: Two languages are better than one.

Because of Texas' economic and cultural ties to Mexico and our rapidly changing demographics, the linguistic diversity that has always existed in the Lone Star State is becoming more common and more important -- both socially and economically.

This new reality is evident everywhere in Texas.

Harlandale hosts annual tribute

May 30, 2010

San Antonio Express News

Harlandale Independent School District will host its annual Memorial Day ceremony at 9 a.m. today at Memorial Stadium, 4002 Roosevelt Ave. The event will honor the 93 students from Harlandale who lost their lives serving the country.