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Thousands in Socorro fight to save post office

December 8, 2011

By Aileen B. Flores, El Paso Times

It would be like taking your identity, ripping away a part of you.

For the people of Socorro, closing down its only post office would be a slap in the face.

The city has had tough times lately -- a bitter recall of a mayor, tensions on the City Council, a council member arrested, investigations of police officers and suits against the city.

Now the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing the only post office for miles around.

It's enough to get you mad as hell.

Holiday stress can raise risk of child abuse

December 1, 2011

By Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, San Antonio Express News

Along with seasonal delights, the holidays can also mean increased frustration and stress for parents — factors that can increase the chances of child abuse or neglect happening.

To help caregivers cope, Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital's Center for Miracles teamed up with the San Antonio Police Department and Sen. Carlos Uresti on Thursday to offer tips to prevent tragedy from occurring.

Seliger: Expand Senate to 37 members?

November 29, 2011

By Mike Ward, Austin American-Statesman

From state Sen. Kel Seliger, a member of the smaller-government Republican Party and an architect of the Legislature’s redistricting maps that were nixed by federal judges last week, comes this:

Let’s consider expanding the Texas Senate from 31 to 37 members.

Seniors get a free ride to the Jimenez Dinner

November 22, 2011

Senior citizens who ride the bus to this year’s Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner will get an added treat: a free ride.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, VIA will allow people 55 years of age and older to ride free if they are going to or coming from the Raul Jimenez Dinner in the Convention Center. The free rides are good for both regular line service and VIAtrans service for registered patrons. When boarding, riders will need to inform the bus or van operator that they are attending the dinner, and they will need to present identification with proof of age.

Seniors who want more information regarding routes and scheduling on Thanksgiving Day can call 362-2020.


Uresti was matriarch of big family that included state senator

November 18, 2011

By Elaine Ayala,

Rachel De La Garza Uresti, the mother of Democratic state Sen. Carlos Uresti and the matriarch of an extended San Antonio family, died at home Wednesday after a long illness.

She was 77.

Voters bury BexarMet

November 9, 2011

By Colin McDonald and Tracy Idell Hamilton

Voters in the Bexar Metropolitan Water District overwhelmingly approved its dissolution Tuesday.

With all votes counted in Bexar County, 74 percent were in favor of BexarMet becoming part of the San Antonio Water System.

“Golly. Jeepers. I'm really shocked,” BexarMet board President Guadalupe Lopez said.

Final results from BexarMet's service areas within Medina, Atascosa and Comal counties showed 62 percent in favor of dissolution.

“This goes to show the frustration was not just among the chattering classes or the elites,” said Christian Archer, who worked on the campaign for dissolving BexarMet. “This was real people turning out to vote.”

Voters Choose to Dissolve BexarMet

November 8, 2011

By Mileka Lincoln

BexarMet customers were given the choice-- keep the water utility provider or dissolve it, and an overwhelming majority of voters chose BexarMet should be dismantled. With 100% of polls reporting, 74% of voters chose BexarMet should be dissolved, only 26% were against getting rid of the water company.

Can ban, BexarMet dissolution, NEISD bond all approved

November 8, 2011

By KENS 5 Staff

Voters in New Braunfels approved the can ban as results of voting were tallied Tuesday night.

Results showed 57 percent of voters backing the ban and about 42 percent against the ban.

Elsewhere, there was overwhelming support to dissolve the BexarMet water utility.

Seventy-four percent want the utility to be dissolved and combined with SAWS. 26 percent were against that.

The North East ISD bond issue narrowly won, with 53 percent supporting it and 47 percent opposed.

You can click here for Bexar County results of statewide votes on state constitutional amendments.

Respect will of BexarMet voters

November 8, 2011

Express-News Editorial Board

After years of legislative and legal evasion, customers of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District finally had the opportunity to cast ballots on the scandal-plagued utility's future. The results are clear. Not surprisingly, voters gave overwhelming support to the proposition to dissolve BexarMet, unofficial returns showed Tuesday night.

BexarMet customers have rendered their verdict. BexarMet's trustees and management should accept the results and get on with the business of transferring the utility's assets, obligations and duties to the San Antonio Water System.

The case for dissolving BexarMet was strong. The utility has been mired in controversy for more than a decade.